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10 Days 533 : 10.02.2018

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Bad Kissingen GER, 1st Schachzauber Inv

1st Schachzauber 2018 Bad Kissingen GER Fri 12th Jan 2018 - Sat 20th Jan 2018
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Heimann, AndreasGMGER2576**½½1½½11117.026.50
2Teske, HenrikGMGER2483½**½½½½11116.523.75
3Khotenashvili, BellaGMGEO2486½½**½½011116.021.50
4Mkrtchian, LilitIMARM23780½½**½1½1116.021.00
5Sukandar, Irine KharismaIMINA2387½½½½**½01115.520.25
6Prusikin, MichaelGMGER2516½½10½**10½15.021.00
7Heidenfeld, MarkIMIRL2359000½10**11½4.013.25
8Hofstetter, Hans-Joachim,FMGER21750000010**½12.56.50
9Schnelzer, ReinholdFMGER218900000½0½**12.04.25
10Wallinger, ManfredGER2150000000½00**0.52.00
10 players


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