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Dulles USA, Cherry Blossom Open 2018

Cherry Blossom Classic Dulles USA Fri 25th May 2018 - Mon 28th May 2018
Leading Round 5 (of 7) Standings:
1Moradiabadi, ElshanGM2624W25W23W5D3W44.5
2Corrales Jimenez, FidelGM2618W51W7W20D4W34.5
3Escobar Forero, AlderGM2572W19W22W8D1L23.5
4Kraai, JesseGM2536W28W17W15D2L13.5
5Nestorovic, NikolaGM2503W43W16L1W14D93.5
6Rohde, Michael AGM2489H-D12W38W23D103.5
7Burnett, Ronald WaIM2428W35L2D40W39W273.5
8Foisor, Sabina-FraWGM2394W30W18L3W17D123.5
9Stearman, Josiah PFM2371W36D39D29W24D53.5
10Zimmer, RalphFM2300D33W41D24W29D63.5
11Wang, Alex2227H-W44D39D15W343.5
12Zhu, Neo2195H-D6W35W34D83.5
13Huston, Gus2094H-D26D22W21W203.5
14Zapata, AlonsoGM2474D29W50W27L5D163.0
15Shibut, Macon AFM2309W37W31L4D11H-3.0
16Indusekar, Akshay2239W46L5W47D20D143.0
17Clasby, Derek2235W47L4W31L8W413.0
18Treger, Yefim2218W49L8D46D40W393.0
19Savage, Allan GFM2205L3H-W48D32W403.0
20Sinha, SahilFM2364W38W40L2D16L132.5
21Samuelson, AndrewFM2305L39W36D28L13W462.5
22Clancy, Daniel2263W32L3D13D28D292.5
23Morefield, Jason P2245W45L1W30L6D282.5
24Lowinger, Daniel2231H-W33D10L9H-2.5
25Chiu, Isaac2216L1D32W50H-D312.5
26Rosario, Salvador2185H-D13L34W46D322.5
27Marin, Sam2168H-W48L14W42L72.5
28Park, Evan S2162L4W45D21D22D232.5
29Chen, Alex2144D14W42D9L10D222.5
30Jian, Alex2141L8W49L23D33W472.5
31Snodgrass, Benjami2061W34L15L17W50D252.5
32Tahmassebi, Bijan2028L22D25W44D19D262.5
33Books, Muskee2026D10L24D41D30W452.5
34Huang, Andy2283L31W37W26L12L112.0
35Tan, Richard T2137L7B-L12L41W482.0
36Liang, Jason2110L9L21L45B-W502.0
38Siamon, David2069L20W51L6D45H-2.0
39Heller, Garrett2066W21D9D11L7L182.0
40Davis, Geoffrey Cy2059B-L20D7D18L192.0
51 players


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