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Eindhoven NED, 9th WLC Weekender

9th WLC Weekender 2018 Eindhoven NED Fri 25th May 2018 - Sun 27th May 2018
Leading Final Round 6 Standings:
1Beerdsen, ThomasIMNED245011½11½5.02413
2Kuipers, StefanIMNED250811½½1½4.52288
3Petrisor, Adrian-MarianIMROU241311½½1½4.50
4Haast, MarkFMNED2363=111014.50
5Van Dooren, DirkFMNED233211½=1½4.50
6Gramb, MariusGER21431½=1½14.52162
7Klapwijk, BramNED2208½10½114.00
8Guelsen, TaylanGER21621½1½½½4.02143
9Mitran, Anthony CristianBEL2102101½½14.00
10Di Bucchianico, AlessandroNED2021=1110½4.02162
11Van Meurs, RobNED2106010=113.50
12Tang, CharlieNED2093101=013.51613
13Lemmers, RuudNED2079=½1½½½3.50
14Becx, CesarFMNED207710½1103.51613
15Pham, KhoiNED2072100½113.50
16Brockmann, FabianGER2051½1½=½½3.50
17Van Veenendaal, ElmerNED2016=110½½3.50
18Simons, RudyNED19951=10½½3.52051
19Verfuerth, ThomasCMGER197401101½3.51343
20Verhoeff, TimardiNED191801½½1½3.50
21Riemens, KoenNED1879=01½½13.52516
22Verhoeven, RobinNED18471½0½½13.50
23Wichtrup, Jan-LouisGER2176001=1½3.00
24Baselmans, LuukNED21151½1½003.02085
25Van Dijken, RexNED207410½=013.00
26Smit, MaartenNED1988½1½=0½3.02106
27Winkels, MarcelNED19680101103.00
28Verfuerth, KevinGER1925½½½½103.00
29Romanesco, RoelNED1893011=½03.01914
30Van den Berg, GerardNED19911½01002.52162
31Van Dongen, DaanNED1980=10½½02.51362
32Ercan, SelmanNED1941=0½½102.50
33Cheng, Ngo HinNED19340=1½-½2.50
34Auwens, MichelNED1892=010012.51251
35Shakhverdian, WilliamNED1798000=112.51376
36Klapwijk, LeoNED177701½½0½2.50
37Albers, SašaNED1697½10=0½2.52976
38Habibi, HamoenNED21861100--2.00
39Geboers, JimmyBEL1913=010½02.00
40Dekker, MarvinAHO19121½0=002.02353
51 players


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