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10 Days 515 : 10.08.2017

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Ennis IRL, Men Ch 2017

ch-IRL 2017 Ennis IRL Sat 29th Jul 2017 - Sun 6th Aug 2017
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Short, PhilipFM2283½½11111½½7.044.534.52496
2Lopez, AlexIM24311½1½011117.044.534.52467
3O'Donnell, ConorFM23891½½1½01116.545.535.02411
4Baburin, AlexanderGM24731½1½½½0116.044.034.52368
5Daly, ColmFM23011½½01½1015.546.036.02357
6Li, Henry22471½010101½5.043.533.52214
7Wall, GavinIM2329=½10½½1½04.547.036.52241
8MacElligott, GerardCM20150100110½14.533.524.52049
9Melaugh, Gavin19070½½0101104.034.525.51988
10Quinn, Rory21400101100½03.544.535.02096
11Delaney, Killian2247½½011½0003.542.533.02097
12Fox, Anthony20160½1½½01003.539.530.02023
13Scott, Luke1748=10000½013.037.026.01864
14Tirziman, Rudolf195500½½0½½013.034.526.51925
15Melaugh, Shane1928½01½0½0½03.034.525.01901
16Mirza, DianaWFM1919½00½010½02.534.025.01865
16 players


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