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10 Days 514 : 01.08.2017

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Gent BEL, 40th Eastman Open

40th Eastman Open 2017 Ghent BEL Sat 15th Jul 2017 - Wed 19th Jul 2017
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Chatalbashev B.GMBUL255298
2Kovalev A.GMBLR251797.541
3Dgebuadze A.GMBEL252397.539.5
4Michiels B.GMBEL253697.539
5Docx S.IMBEL24299739.5
6Lammens T.FMNED23119737.5
7Epishin V.GMRUS25419737
8Van Mechelen J.FMBEL22519736
9Sarrau J.FMBEL236396.536.5
10Froeyman H.FMBEL230796.536
11Ward C.GMENG244196.535.5
12Abolianin A.IMBEL232996.535
13Kitze A.GER217796.534.5
14Van Beers E.IMBEL234696.534
15Clemens A.FMNED220896.533.52085
16Goormachtigh J.FMBEL219786.533.52072
17Huhndorf A.GER221396.5332072
18Hunt A.IMENG242496.5332057
19Michielsen J.IMNED24099636
20Harakis A.ENG22849635.5
21Van Herck M.BEL21579634
22Hamblok R.FMBEL23179633
23De Jong J.NED21519632.5
24Fischer D.SUI20809631.52157
25Sadkowski D.FMBEL22799631.52079
26Van Der Valk N.NED21729631.52022
27Stone A.ENG229696312063
28Verhaeren G.J.BEL213196312035
29Vinke M.NED21279630.5
30Van Der Stricht G.IMBEL23629628.5
31Stam H.NED21309627.51927
32De Saegher J.BEL19329627.51857
33Pauwels X.BEL20997624.5
34Cordts I.FMGER225995.534.5
35Escribano J.C.ESP218595.532.5
36Lacrosse M.FMBEL219595.531.5
37Maerevoet S.BEL208595.5302040
38Vermaat M.NED216395.5302035
39Hennipman R.NED219195.5302034
40Schalkx J.BEL217995.5302009
237 players


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