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10 Days 530 : 10.01.2018

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HUN, Team Ch 2017/18 round 4

TCh-HUN 2017-18 Hungary HUN Sat 25th Nov 2017 - Sun 6th May 2018
Leading Round 4 (of 9) Standings:
1Aquaprofit-NTSK I.47.59.510.59836.5
2ASE Paks458.59.56.5629.5
4Aquarena Kobanya SC43.5689.5527
5Penzugyor SE42.58.58.56525.5
6Duocor-Makoi SVSE42.5669.5424
7HUSI SC41.55.567.5320.5
9Dunaharaszti MTK4343.56116.5
10MTK Budapest42.562.54.5115.5
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