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10 Days 519 : 20.09.2017

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Linkoping SWE, Svenska Cup 2017

Svenska Cup 2017 Linkoping SWE Fri 8th Sep 2017 - Sun 10th Sep 2017
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1SK Team Viking76011317
2Schack 08, Norrkoping II75201017
3Gusums SK75201016
4Linkopings ASS III7313916
5Stockholms SS7313915
6Schack 08, Norrkoping7313915
7SS Allians, Skanninge7322816.5
8SS Manhem7322815
9Stockholms SS II7322815
10Gnarps SK7214814.5
11Vasteraas SK7430814.5
12SK Rockaden, Sthlm7214813.5
14Linkopings ASS7115714
15Eskilstuna SK7223713.5
16Gnarps SK II7340615
17Linkopings ASS IV7232614
18Vasterviks ASK7232613.5
19Linkopings ASS II7340613
20Wasa SK7232612
21Kristallens SK7241513.5
22Orgryte SK7142412.5
23Burgsvik Alva SK7250411
24Ervalla SS7142411
25SK Team Viking II7151312.5
26Hultsfreds SK715139.5
26 players


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