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10 Days 528 : 20.12.2017

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Malmo SWE, Open 2017

Malmo Open 2017 Malmo SWE Fri 15th Dec 2017 - Sun 17th Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 8 Standings:
1Tikkanen, HansGM25158602739.5
2Lindberg, BengtIM23798602739
3Hillarp Persson, TigerGM25378710737.5
4Rydstrom, TomFM23348710736
5Ernst, ThomasGM237586116.535.5
6Jogstad, MartinFM22958620642
7Johansson, LinusIM24698620641
8Ornstein, AxelIM23408512641
9Lindborg, Patrik21458512637.5
10Burwick, Malte22488512637.5
11Walinder, Lars21918512637
12Nilsson, AndersCM22098512634.5
13Kabadayi, Can21528512634
14Wahlstrom, Lennart21868512633.5
15Andersson, FredrikFM228084135.538.5
16Harren, Mats210385215.537
17Carlsson, LudvigCM223284135.537
18Petkovic, Peter210385215.536.5
19Lundstedt, Peter210985215.536
20Andersson, Paul214584135.536
21Lyngsjo, Hakan206984135.535
22Akesson, RalfGM245085215.534.5
23Wahlund, MaxCM208984135.534
24Hask, Patrik Nilsson215885215.533.5
25Kalhorn, Stefan216085215.533
26Andersson, Lars200185215.532
27Broman, Finn191785215.531.5
28Lundqvist, Daniel218884135.531.5
29Ask, JosefFM217883055.531.5
30Fransson, Patrick21388422537.5
31Holst, Conny21538422537.5
32Ivarsson, Torbjorn21498530536
33Unmack, Christian21578530536
34Tabaa, Ghayth20658422535
35Horn, EmiliaWFM19978530534.5
36Tegler, Erik20458422534
37Johansson, Roland20008530533
38Svorono, Gabriel20728530533
39Bengtsson, Tage20078530532
40Friberg, Lennart20248422532
177 players


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