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10 Days 548 : 10.07.2018

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Philadelphia USA, 12th International

12th Philadelphia Int Philadelphia USA Thu 28th Jun 2018 - Sun 1st Jul 2018
Leading Round 7 (of 9) Standings:
1Kovalyov, AntonGMCAN2651W72 (w)W36 (b)W70 (w)D3 (b)D6 (w)W38 (b)D2 (w)5.5
2Sevian, SamuelGMUSA2624W44 (b)W37 (w)W46 (w)D6 (b)W17 (w)D3 (b)D1 (b)5.5
3Vorontsov, PavloGMUKR2564W58 (b)W53 (w)W22 (b)D1 (w)D10 (b)D2 (w)W18 (b)5.5
4Erenburg, SergeyGMUSA2563W74 (w)H— (-)D52 (b)W49 (w)W35 (b)D7 (w)W22 (b)5.5
5Sadorra, JulioGMPHI2546W59 (b)D15 (w)W55 (b)D21 (w)W23 (b)W34 (w)D6 (b)5.5
6Puranik, AbhimanyuGMIND2507W30 (b)W26 (w)W43 (b)D2 (w)D1 (b)W10 (w)D5 (w)5.5
7Shtembuliak, EvgenyIMUKR2506W61 (w)W14 (b)D25 (w)W56 (b)D32 (w)D4 (b)W28 (w)5.5
8Bellahcene, BilelGMFRA2495D88 (b)D31 (w)D29 (b)W108 (w)W51 (b)W46 (w)W25 (b)5.5
9Lenderman, AleksandrGMUSA2615W57 (w)D48 (b)D49 (b)D52 (w)W39 (b)W15 (w)D11 (b)5
10Liang, AwonderGMUSA2571W73 (w)W24 (b)W35 (w)D17 (b)D3 (w)L6 (b)W36 (w)5
11Nestorovic, NikolaGMSRB2476W63 (w)W41 (b)D56 (w)D28 (b)D36 (w)W47 (b)D9 (w)5
12Gurevich, DanielIMUSA2462H— (-)W81 (w)L15 (b)W88 (w)W53 (b)D36 (b)W38 (w)5
13Lokander, MartinFMSWE2386L89 (w)W107 (b)W60 (w)D41 (b)D56 (w)W72 (b)W43 (w)5
14Chen, PengCHN2297W92 (b)L7 (w)W100 (b)D19 (w)D68 (b)W45 (w)W34 (b)5
15Grabinsky, AaronUSA2296W93 (w)D5 (b)W12 (w)D25 (b)W70 (w)L9 (b)W32 (w)5
16Lou, YipingIMCHN2484W62 (w)D40 (b)D48 (w)L38 (b)W80 (w)D56 (b)W51 (w)4.5
17Checa, NicolasIMUSA2479W98 (b)W27 (w)W45 (b)D10 (w)L2 (b)L22 (w)W55 (b)4.5
18Perske, ThoreIMGER2464D31 (b)D110 (w)W59 (b)D53 (w)W52 (b)W26 (w)L3 (w)4.5
19Raja, HarshitIMIND2442W64 (w)D42 (b)D40 (w)D14 (b)W41 (w)L25 (b)W56 (w)4.5
20Panchanatham, VigneshIMUSA2431W77 (b)L43 (w)W30 (b)L26 (w)W59 (b)W44 (w)D31 (b)4.5
21Abergel, ThalGMFRA2427W65 (w)W71 (b)D28 (w)D5 (b)D25 (w)D32 (b)D24 (w)4.5
22Lindgren, PhilipIMSWE2394W78 (w)W89 (b)L3 (w)W40 (b)D28 (w)W17 (b)L4 (w)4.5
23Coleman, TeddyIMUSA2380W79 (w)D82 (b)D42 (w)W71 (b)L5 (w)W60 (b)D30 (w)4.5
24Wang, JustinFMUSA2356W111 (b)L10 (w)W67 (b)D68 (w)D44 (b)W58 (w)D21 (b)4.5
25Jacobson, BrandonFMUSA2303W102 (b)W33 (w)D7 (b)D15 (w)D21 (b)W19 (w)L8 (w)4.5
26Stearman, JosiahFMUSA2285W109 (w)L6 (b)W65 (w)W20 (b)D46 (w)L18 (b)W47 (w)4.5
27Pressman, Leif AFMUSA2275W86 (w)L17 (b)D84 (w)W91 (b)L47 (w)W82 (b)W70 (w)4.5
28Plotkin, VictorFMCAN2248W87 (b)W34 (w)D21 (b)D11 (w)D22 (b)W68 (w)L7 (b)4.5
29King, Alexander BUSA2236W32 (w)L70 (b)D8 (w)D84 (b)W87 (w)D35 (w)W46 (b)4.5
30Liu, ZhaoqiCHN2163L6 (w)W109 (b)L20 (w)W105 (b)W48 (b)W50 (w)D23 (b)4.5
31Chasin, NicoFMUSA2123D18 (w)D8 (b)D47 (w)D57 (b)W54 (w)W49 (b)D20 (w)4.5
32Mikhalevski, VictorGMISR2581L29 (b)W66 (w)W58 (b)W48 (w)D7 (b)D21 (w)L15 (b)4
33Flom, GabrielIMFRA2512W60 (w)L25 (b)L72 (w)D78 (b)W67 (w)W71 (b)D39 (w)4
34Sheng, JoshuaIMUSA2411W107 (w)L28 (b)W74 (w)W54 (b)W72 (w)L5 (b)L14 (w)4
35Mulyar, Michael AIMUSA2385W114 (b)W94 (w)L10 (b)W82 (w)L4 (w)D29 (b)D40 (w)4
36Yoo, Christopher WFMUSA2373W90 (b)L1 (w)W110 (b)W45 (w)D11 (b)D12 (w)L10 (b)4
37Li, BenFMUSA2372W80 (w)L2 (b)W61 (w)L72 (b)L60 (w)W89 (b)W75 (w)4
38Peng, David TFMUSA2363L67 (b)W78 (w)W77 (b)W16 (w)W69 (b)L1 (w)L12 (b)4
39Wang, QibiaoCHN2337H— (-)H— (-)D62 (w)W75 (b)L9 (w)W74 (b)D33 (b)4
40Colas, JoshuaFMUSA2285W96 (b)D16 (w)D19 (b)L22 (w)D66 (b)W88 (w)D35 (b)4
116 players


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