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10 Days 534 : 20.02.2018

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Vaxjo SWE, Elite Hotels Open 2018

Elite Hotels Vaxjo Open Vaxjo SWE Fri 9th Feb 2018 - Sun 11th Feb 2018
Leading Final Round 8 Standings:
1Cramling, PiaGM24498602738
2Hillarp Persson, TigerGM254385036.540
3Bellon Lopez, JuanGM232286116.537
4Storme, IsakCM221386116.534
5Akesson, RalfGM24188512639.5
6Vernersson, Per22908404638.5
7Kucuksari, KaanFM22508512635
8Nilsson, AndersCM21978512634
9Grueso Cordoba, Santiago22028620632
10Hask, Patrik Nilsson21668512632
11Cramling, Anna20438620629
12Tikkanen, HansGM249984135.540.5
13Lindberg, BengtIM238784135.538.5
14Johansson, Gunnar218585215.537.5
15Blomqvist, ErikGM250985215.537
16Ernst, ThomasGM236984135.536.5
17Adler, Bo218685215.536
18Reid, Gregor224585215.536
19Helin, MikaelCM197485215.534.5
20Kabadayi, Can217385215.534.5
21Arman, DenizFM236985215.534.5
22Eriksson, Lennarth205884135.534
23Fransson, Patrick213685215.533.5
24Olsson, William208685215.533
25Henriksson, JohanFM228884135.533
26Wengholm, Anders216184135.531.5
27Naslund, MikaelFM220585215.528
28Karlsson, Jorgen20748422536.5
29Jogstad, Daniel19958530534
30Mattsson, Michael20538422534
31Burwick, Malte22478422533
32Olsson, Tomas20228314533
33Lundqvist, Daniel21968422532.5
34Goransson, Martin20178530532.5
35Mejvik, Jacob20528422532.5
36Attefall, Fredrik19768422532.5
37Lundstedt, Peter21098422532
38Walinder, Lars22058422532
39Forsberg, Andre20278530531
40Hakansson, Stefan20428530530.5
142 players


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