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10 Days 686 : 10.05.2022

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Almelo NED, Ch U18 2022

Dutch Youth U18 2022 Almelo NED Sun 1st May 2022 - Sat 7th May 2022
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1Roebers, Eline23691½11½11624282404
2Albers, Sasa21171½11½1½5.520.2527.52343
3Elgersma, OnnoFM23031½011014.517.25302180
4Verheul, Job17070+1011½4.515.7526.51949
5Van Foreest, Machteld22871110100414.530.52162
6Klaren, Duncan19161010101412.5272114
7Van Kuijk, Vadim1898011101041125.51978
8Pham, Khoi2291110001149.5232025
9Van Dam, Thijs1903010½½1+4921.51859
10Maters, Arthur20481½0½0+038.25271957
11Hooijmans, Max1420+00½0½136.2520.51469
12Hubers, Daan1818000+½½135.25171508
13Boeren, Jurriaan17780011½002.55.2524.51779
14Bakker, Tycho010½+002.54.7520.51503
15Visser, Berend00+0½001.53.2517.51427
15 players


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