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10 Days 542 : 10.05.2018

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Assen NED, Youth Ch 2018

ch-NED Junior 2018 Assen NED Sun 29th Apr 2018 - Sat 5th May 2018
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1Pols, WiggertNED2068½½11½115.52370
2Warmerdam, MaxFMNED237811½110½5.02376
3Schoppen, CasperIMNED2396½½110115.02289
4Kokje, JorisFMNED226511½½½104.52350
5Van Baar, EsperFMNED22371½101014.52294
6Vrolijk, LiamIMNED24321½½½01½4.02248
7Bekedam, TyroNED19550101½½14.02100
8Mesman, EdwynNED20820110½103.52114
9De Boer, BasNED2159½0110103.52074
10Kanbier, MaxNED1857½½0½½½13.52014
11Jongste, DavidNED20921½001013.52135
12Nguyen, KevinNED212210011003.02095
13Reichardt, RobinNED19360110½0½3.02051
14Van Hoorn, GeertNED200800011103.01949
15Van der Werf, JoelNED1842010001½2.51941
16Van Dael, SiemFMNED226810½00012.51996
17Gijsen, WilliamNED1825001½½002.01857
18Bueno, MarkARU19990000½000.51585
18 players


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