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10 Days 648 : 20.04.2021

Chess games 2080
Chess tournaments 35

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Charlotte USA, 2nd Masters Open

#	Place	Name	Rating	St	Rd 1	Rd 2	Rd 3	Rd 4	Rd 5	Rd 6	Total
1	1	Nicholas Matta	2201	LA	W5 (b)	W3 (w)	D2 (w)	W4 (b)	W9 (b)	D6 (w)	5.0
2	2	FM Joshua Colas	2298	NY	W7 (b)	W8 (w)	D1 (b)	D5 (w)	D3 (b)	W9 (w)	4.5
3	3	FM Dimitar Mardov	2312	IL	D10 (w)	L1 (b)	W11 (w)	W8 (b)	D2 (w)	W5 (w)	4.0
4	4	FM Eric Yuhan Li	2264	CA	W11 (w)	D6 (b)	D8 (b)	L1 (w)	D5 (b)	W12 (b)	3.5
5	5-7	FM Jason Liang	2351	NY	L1 (w)	W10 (b)	W6 (w)	D2 (b)	D4 (w)	L3 (b)	3.0
6	 	Tianqi Wang	2335	NC	W12 (b)	D4 (w)	L5 (b)	L9 (w)	W10 (w)	D1 (b)	3.0
7	 	WIM Rochelle Wu	2132	CA	L2 (w)	D9 (b)	D10 (w)	D11 (b)	D12 (w)	W8 (b)	3.0
8	8-9	Shelev Oberoi	2229	TX	W9 (b)	L2 (b)	D4 (w)	L3 (w)	W11 (b)	L7 (w)	2.5
9	 	FM Liam Putnam	2076	NY	L8 (w)	D7 (w)	W12 (b)	W6 (b)	L1 (w)	L2 (b)	2.5
10	10-11	FM Doug Eckert	2162	MO	D3 (b)	L5 (w)	D7 (b)	W12 (w)	L6 (b)	U---	2.0
11	 	FM Eugene Yanayt	2079	CA	L4 (b)	D12 (w)	L3 (b)	D7 (w)	L8 (w)	B---	2.0
12	12	Derek Wu	2175	CA	L6 (w)	D11 (b)	L9 (w)	L10 (b)	D7 (b)	L4 (w)	1.0


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