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10 Days 686 : 10.05.2022

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Charlotte USA, ALTO Open April 2022

Charlotte ALTO 2022 Charlotte USA Fri 29th Apr 2022 - Sun 1st May 2022
Leading Final Round 5 Standings:
1Moradiabadi, ElshanUSA25374.0
2Panchanathan, MageshIND24744.0
3Finegold, BenjaminUSA24463.0
4Wang, TianqiUSA23312.5
5Myers, DominiqueUSA20653.5
6Carter , EmmanuelUSA19543.0
7Morales, LucianaPER21772.5
8Timmel, JohnUSA20083.0
9Pakkirisamy, UthraIND20072.5
10McCartney, PatrickUSA18023.0
11Hamilton, NoahUSA02.0
12Snodgrass, BenjaminUSA20262.5
13Almaguer, JuanMEX21022.0
14Parker, AnthonyUSA19372.0
15Laureano, DereckUSA18381.5
16Hasman, HenryUSA16312.0
17Luo, NeilUSA02.0
18King, PaulUSA01.0
19Shirzad, AliUSA02.0
20Pointer, SolomonUSA00.5
21Allen, GarretUSA17561.5
22Fischer, RobertUSA18350.5
23Cote, GaryUSA16070.0
24Patel, NoshirUSA00.0
25Risk, GregoryUSA17780.5
25 players


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