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10 Days 637 : 01.01.2021

Chess games 1477
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Charlotte USA, North Am U20 (b) 2020

North American Junior U20 Charlotte USA Sat 19th Dec 2020 - Wed 23rd Dec 2020
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Asaria, DanialUSA2284W41 (w)W24 (b)W12 (w)L2 (b)W15 (w)W4 (w)W14 (b)W23 (b)W8 (w)810084IM Title + GM Norm
2Liang, JasonUSA2317W62 (b)W31 (w)W6 (b)W1 (w)W16 (b)D14 (w)W11 (b)D3 (w)D4 (b)7.510065IM Norm
3Vivekananthan, AnishUSA2305W36 (b)W13 (w)D16 (b)W21 (w)L11 (b)W10 (w)W23 (w)D2 (b)W6 (b)710065IM Norm
4Chen, RyoUSA2165W52 (b)W30 (w)L23 (w)W45 (b)W7 (w)L1 (b)W26 (w)W22 (b)D2 (w)6.510064
4Sheng, JoshuaUSA2474W56 (w)W15 (b)L44 (w)W25 (w)L9 (b)W17 (b)D22 (w)W20 (b)W14 (w)6.510064
6Jaquez, Angel QuirogaMEX2178W35 (b)W72 (w)L2 (w)W37 (b)W12 (w)L23 (b)W24 (w)W14 (b)L3 (w)610064
6Chavez, Isaac TelloMEX2275W39 (b)W58 (w)D25 (b)L16 (w)L4 (b)W57 (w)W33 (b)W13 (w)D10 (b)610055
6Le, HarryUSA1833L44 (w)W68 (b)W47 (w)D18 (b)D17 (w)W15 (b)W16 (w)W11 (w)L1 (b)610054
6Park, EvanUSA2169W42 (w)D20 (b)D17 (w)W56 (b)W5 (w)L22 (b)D12 (w)W31 (b)D15 (w)610044
6Chiu, IsaacUSA2209D49 (w)D46 (b)W36 (w)D17 (b)W20 (w)L3 (b)W47 (w)W44 (b)D7 (w)610044
6Chasin, NicoUSA2303W45 (w)L14 (b)W62 (w)W13 (b)W3 (w)W44 (b)L2 (w)L8 (b)W24 (w)69964
6Oberoi, ShelevUSA2131W27 (b)W74 (w)L1 (b)W30 (w)L6 (b)W48 (w)D9 (b)D19 (w)W26 (b)69955
6Kumar, NamanUSA2115W63 (w)L3 (b)W39 (w)L11 (w)W38 (b)W42 (b)W44 (w)L7 (b)W23 (w)69864
14Wu, DerekUSA2106W64 (b)W11 (w)W22 (b)W23 (b)W44 (w)D2 (b)L1 (w)L6 (w)L5 (b)5.510055
14Singh, HershUSA2135W51 (b)L5 (w)W48 (b)W33 (w)L1 (b)L8 (w)W50 (b)W25 (w)D9 (b)5.510055
14Venkat, RaghavUSA2167W43 (w)W37 (b)D3 (w)W7 (b)L2 (w)D19 (w)L8 (b)W42 (b)D31 (w)5.510044
14Truelson, JosephUSA2046W60 (b)D19 (w)D9 (b)D10 (w)D8 (b)L5 (w)W48 (b)D34 (w)W35 (b)5.510035
14Kolay, AlexUSA2208D48 (b)D29 (w)D50 (b)D8 (w)L39 (b)W41 (w)D25 (b)W38 (w)W34 (b)5.510035
14Tsay, VincentUSA2270W38 (w)D17 (b)W20 (w)L44 (b)W28 (w)D16 (b)D31 (w)D12 (b)D22 (w)5.510034
14Lu, JasonUSA2025W73 (b)D9 (w)L19 (b)W57 (w)L10 (b)W27 (w)W21 (b)L5 (w)W33 (b)5.59955
14Lu, MingUSA2140W34 (w)D22 (b)W46 (w)L3 (b)W53 (w)L26 (b)L20 (w)W36 (b)W32 (w)5.59954
14Stearman, JosiahUSA2391W28 (b)D21 (w)L14 (w)W46 (b)W25 (b)W9 (w)D5 (b)L4 (w)D19 (b)5.59945
23Mercado, Carlos SandovalMEX2298W50 (b)W40 (w)W4 (b)L14 (w)W31 (b)W6 (w)L3 (b)L1 (w)L13 (b)510055
23Hamley, RyanUSA2089W67 (b)L1 (w)D57 (b)D50 (w)W49 (b)W34 (w)L6 (b)W30 (w)L11 (b)510045
23Wu, RochelleUSA2029W65 (w)W47 (b)D7 (w)L5 (b)L22 (w)W53 (b)D18 (w)L15 (b)W43 (w)510044
23Cervantes, ThaliaUSA2311L46 (w)W53 (b)D28 (w)D38 (b)W41 (w)W21 (w)L4 (b)W45 (b)L12 (w)510044
23Povinelli, BraydonUSA1440L12 (w)W32 (b)L56 (w)W62 (b)W45 (w)L20 (b)D36 (w)D28 (b)W46 (w)510044
23Shevkunov, VladyslavUSA1945L22 (w)W34 (b)D26 (b)W40 (w)L19 (b)D51 (w)D35 (b)D27 (w)W49 (b)510035
23Bates, David MaycockMEX2184D53 (w)D18 (b)L45 (w)D49 (b)D46 (w)L43 (b)W68 (w)W63 (b)W42 (w)510034
23Chakrabarti, BrejeshUSA2018W69 (w)L4 (b)W66 (w)L12 (b)L42 (w)W55 (b)W43 (w)L24 (b)W41 (w)59954
23Fishbein, MitchUSA2132W55 (w)L2 (b)W41 (w)W43 (b)L23 (w)W39 (b)D19 (b)L9 (w)D16 (b)59945
32Dill, JamesUSA1918L74 (b)L27 (w)W71 (b)L51 (w)D54 (b)W61 (w)W55 (b)W40 (w)L21 (b)4.510045
32Carter, EmmanuelUSA2037W68 (w)L44 (b)W42 (w)L15 (b)W43 (w)D47 (b)L7 (w)W39 (b)L20 (w)4.510044
32Moor, NathanielUSA1603L21 (b)L28 (w)W67 (b)W72 (w)W56 (w)L24 (b)W46 (w)D17 (b)L18 (w)4.510044
32Karthik, AdvaithUSA1777L6 (w)L66 (b)L53 (w)W67 (b)W65 (w)W62 (b)D28 (w)W47 (b)L17 (w)4.510044
32Shundi, MatiasUSA1894L3 (w)W63 (b)L10 (b)W54 (w)D51 (b)D40 (w)D27 (b)L21 (w)W57 (b)4.510035
32Pozas, Pablo FernandezMEX2006W70 (b)L16 (w)W52 (b)L6 (w)L48 (b)D38 (w)D49 (b)D57 (w)W55 (b)4.510035
32Beatrez, PatrickUSA1835L19 (b)W60 (w)D40 (b)D26 (w)L13 (w)D37 (b)W54 (w)L18 (b)W56 (w)4.510034
32Ladan, NicholasUSA1850L7 (w)X61L13 (b)W63 (b)W18 (w)L31 (w)D40 (b)L33 (w)W58 (b)4.59944
32Orellana, JuanUSA2089W54 (w)L23 (b)D38 (w)L28 (b)W59 (w)D36 (b)D39 (w)L32 (b)W53 (w)4.59934
74 players
North Am Junior Girls U20 Charlotte USA Sat 19th Dec 2020 - Wed 23rd Dec 2020
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Wang, EllenWFMUSA1926D18 (w)W19 (b)D2 (w)W9 (b)W6 (w)W3 (w)D4 (b)W13 (w)D5 (b)710054WIM Title + WGM Norm
2Yellamraju, AmbicaWCMUSA1766W21 (b)D5 (w)D1 (b)D7 (w)W10 (b)W12 (w)D13 (b)D4 (w)W9 (b)6.510045WFM Title + WIM Norm
3Ehsani, YassaminWFMUSA1923W10 (b)W8 (w)D6 (w)D13 (b)W11 (w)L1 (b)W5 (b)D7 (w)D4 (b)610045WIM Norm
3Toledo, Ayleen RamirezMEX1784L19 (w)D11 (b)W17 (w)W16 (b)W13 (w)W6 (b)D1 (w)D2 (b)D3 (w)610044
5Prasanna, GracyUSA1846W9 (w)D2 (b)D13 (w)L11 (b)W19 (w)W10 (b)L3 (w)W6 (b)D1 (w)5.510044
5Vittal, SanjanaWFMUSA1961W14 (b)W7 (w)D3 (b)W8 (w)L1 (b)L4 (w)W11 (b)L5 (w)W13 (b)5.59955
5Estrada, Ana SalasWCMMEX1822W17 (w)L6 (b)W18 (w)D2 (b)D9 (w)D11 (b)W8 (w)D3 (b)D10 (b)5.59935
8Villalba, Andrea RuizMEX1757W12 (w)L3 (b)W19 (w)L6 (b)W18 (w)L13 (b)L7 (b)W16 (w)W17 (b)510055
8Kumar, AshaUSA1615L5 (b)W16 (w)W14 (b)L1 (w)D7 (b)D15 (w)W12 (b)W17 (w)L2 (w)510044
8Yellamraju, AparnaUSA1693L3 (w)W12 (b)W21 (w)D18 (b)L2 (w)L5 (w)W16 (b)W15 (b)D7 (w)510044
8Sanchez, Anastacia LopezWCMMEX1809D15 (b)D4 (w)W20 (b)W5 (w)L3 (b)D7 (w)L6 (w)W19 (b)D12 (w)510034
12Kaur, AradhUSA1175L8 (b)L10 (w)W15 (b)W21 (w)W14 (w)L2 (b)L9 (w)B---D11 (b)4.510044
12Dommalapati, AasaWCMUSA1836W16 (b)W20 (w)D5 (b)D3 (w)L4 (b)W8 (w)D2 (w)L1 (b)L6 (w)4.510034
12Reyes, Rebeca MelladoWCMMEX1750L6 (w)D17 (b)L9 (w)B---L12 (b)L19 (b)W21 (w)W20 (b)W18 (w)4.59944
12Tsyganova, MargaritaUSA1398D11 (w)L18 (b)L12 (w)D17 (b)B---D9 (b)W20 (w)L10 (w)W21 (b)4.59934
16Chen, JocelynUSA1502L13 (w)L9 (b)B---L4 (w)W21 (b)W18 (b)L10 (w)L8 (b)W20 (w)410044
16Tammali, VaishnaviUSA1418L7 (b)D14 (w)L4 (b)D15 (w)W20 (b)B---W19 (w)L9 (b)L8 (w)410034
16Arnold, PeishanikaUSA1708D1 (b)W15 (w)L7 (b)D10 (w)L8 (b)L16 (w)B---W21 (b)L14 (b)49935
19Iyer, MantraUSA1389W4 (b)L1 (w)L8 (b)W20 (w)L5 (b)W14 (w)L17 (b)L11 (w)U---310034
20Sinkar, AnaghaUSA1053B---L13 (b)L11 (w)L19 (b)L17 (w)W21 (b)L15 (b)L14 (w)L16 (b)210025
21Kaur, JindCMUSA1242L2 (w)B---L10 (b)L12 (b)L16 (w)L20 (w)L14 (b)L18 (w)L15 (w)110013
21 players


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