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10 Days 575 : 10.04.2019

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FIN, SM-Liiga 2018/19 rounds 7-11

TCh-FIN 2018-19 Finland FIN Sat 15th Sep 2018 - Sun 7th Apr 2019
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
1SK ComeOn, Helsinki1118+24
2TammerShakki, Tampere1116+20
3SalSK, Salo1116+20
4JyS, Jyvaskyla1115+16
5TuTS, Turku1115+5
6MatSK, Espoo1114+17
7EtVaS, Vantaa1112+2
8Aatos, Helsinki119-12
9VammSK, Sastamala118-12
10KymS, Kotka116-17
11KS-58, Helsinki113-27
12JoeSK, Joensuu110-36
12 players


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