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10 Days 759 : 20.05.2024

Chess games 4676
Chess tournaments 39

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Groninger NED, Combinatie Open 2024

Groninger Combinatie Open Groningen NED Thu 9th May 2024 - Sun 12th May 2024
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
13Van Foreest, MachteldNED23646.5033.530.75
22Palchuk, AndriiUKR23645.503325
39Bakker, JoukeNED2181503221
414Aden, TammoGER2024503220.75
51Maatman, NickNED24045031.521.25
610Margarido, Jose Miguel TeixeiraPOR2133503019.5
713Grooten, TommyNED20425028.520
819Boulahfa, HichamNED2010502820
98Grooten, HermanNED21995027.519.5
104Elgersma, OnnoNED23444.503419.75
117Mostertman, MilanNED22474.503118.25
1211Knol, GeonNED21124.502916.5
1326Valiente, PauloNED19724.5028.516
1423Ambrona Navarro, HimarESP19884.502816.5
156Pel, BonnoNED22494.502716.25
1617Lemstra, BartNED20154.502514.5
175Wempe, JoostNED22924031.516
1822Jelic, BrunoNED1989403015.5
1912Bruggink, TychoNED20614029.515.25
2018Leenes, RobertNED20144028.514
2120Van Den Berg, JeroenNED20074027.514
2215Ellenbroek, TonNED2017402715.25
2328Kliashtornyi, ArkadiiUKR19684026.513.5
2424Pellikaan, GovertNED19814026.513.5
2530Huiskes, MathijsNED19344025.513.5
2631Aden, MeinoGER19264025.512.5
2759Koes, RichardNED17554025.512.25
2834Van Der Graaf, JaapNED19114025.512
2942De Wit, EvanNED1863402411.75
3033Ten Dam, BramNED1921402411
3146Gohil, ViaanNED18254023.512
3237Van De Poel, TacoNED18934023.511
3362Kolijn, DavidNED17414020.510
3427Clemens, AdrianNED19683.5028.512.75
3516Blok, XaveerNED20163.5026.513
3648Rishiadithya, MuraliIND18193.502611.75
3766Shah, ShreyNED17263.502511.75
3835Pyplacz, JanPOL19003.50259.75
3944Van Den Bos, Frans PieterNED18473.5024.510.75
4021Kanters, CorNED19923.5023.510.75
84 players


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