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10 Days 575 : 10.04.2019

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ISR, Team Ch 2019 round 11

TCh-ISR 2019 Israel ISR Sat 5th Jan 2019 - Fri 5th Apr 2019
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
1Club Ashdod Elit115646101438.25166
2Beer Sheva Alef in name of Eliyahu Levant115343101357147
3haPoel Kfar Saba1145.539.561230.25138
4Feldklain Rishon leTsion11443771138.25131
5Tsafrir Rehovot Alef11383441088.5117
6Club Chess Beer Sheva Yud-Alef1137.531.56960.5112.5
7Club Chess Hertslia11363331024118.5
8Elitsur Dov Petah Tiqwa1130.529.51951.5106
9haPoel Petah Tiqwa Alef1130282923102
10haPoel Kfar Saba Bet1128.526.52843.585
11Elitsur Ironi Netanya named Itshak Shlakman1126.524.52775.579
12ASA Shlomo Har-Tsvi Tel Aviv1123.523.50765.2584
12 teams


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