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10 Days 571 : 01.03.2019

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ISR, Team Ch 2019 rounds 5-8

TCh-ISR 2019 Israel ISR Sat 5th Jan 2019 - Fri 5th Apr 2019
Leading Round 6 (of 11) Standings:
1Club Ashdod Elit29.524.550
2Beer Sheva Alef in name of Eliyahu Levant282350
3Feldklain Rishon leTsion25.521.540
4haPoel Kfar Saba242130
5Club Chess Hertslia242130
6Tsafrir Rehovot Alef201820
7haPoel Petah Tiqwa Alef18.517.510
8Elitsur Dov Petah Tiqwa18.517.510
9Club Chess Beer Sheva Yud-Alef181530
10haPoel Kfar Saba Bet16.514.520
11ASA Shlomo Har-Tsvi Tel Aviv11.511.500
12Elitsur Ironi Netanya named Itshak Shlakman111100
12 teams


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