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10 Days 664 : 01.10.2021

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Indianapolis IN, INDY Open 2021

Indy FIDE - Premier 2021 Indianapolis USA Fri 24th Sep 2021 - Sun 26th Sep 2021
Leading Final Round 5 Standings:
1Kaidanov, Gregory2640W11W16W8W5D24.5
2Williams, Justus2495W35W15D10W12D14
3Posthuma, Joshua2461W17L6W19W18W104
4Rambha, Hemachandra2142W29D18W27W6D94
5Gareyev, Timur2697W25W19D6L1W153.5
6Bora, Safal2540W23W3D5L4W183.5
7Davidovich, Manis2202HL27W35W20W163.5
8Ren, Jesse2033W31W25L1D15W123.5
9Cheng, Alex1892L14BW13W22D43.5
10Smith, Bryan G2517W20D14D2W11L33
11Mills, James A2204L1W35W30L10W213
12Lopez, Mauro Alberto2317HW24W26L2L82.5
13Kurtz, Eric2234L24W17L9W14D202.5
14Meter, Lester L Van2208W9D10L18L13W292.5
15Adury, Anant2165W30L2W24D8L52.5
16Povinelli, Braydon2169W32L1D21W27L72.5
17Toliver, Stuart A2115L3L13D32W34W302.5
18Nguyen, James L2064W34D4W14L3L62.5
19Smith, Josh2061W28L5L3D30W272.5
20Huang, Evan Y2005L10W32W31L7D132.5
21Menon, Gauri1930HD22D16W26L112.5
22Fernandez, Nelson Wilfredo2243D27D21W29L9U2
23Smith, Garrett L2185L6FW28HD242
24Xia, Ruoxiao1952W13L12L15D29D232
25Burns, Randas L1955L5L8D34W32H2
26Dinesh, Abinav1816BHL12L21D282
27Mu, Grant1984D22W7L4L16L191.5
28Qian, Bill1971L19L31L23W35D261.5
29Silverstein, Jonathan1897L4W34L22D24L141.5
30Lim, Timothy1872L15XL11D19L171.5
31Cates, James2255L8W28L20UU1
32Halloran, Joel1901L16L20D17L25D331
33Elshazly, Mohamed2111UUUUD320.5
34Kay, Victor1844L18L29D25L17U0.5
35Carr, Jay A2000L2L11L7L28U0
35 players


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