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10 Days 565 : 01.01.2019

Online chess games 11871
Chess tournaments 65

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Las Vegas USA, 28th North American Open

#	Name	Rtng	Team	Club	Rd 1	Rd 2	Rd 3	Rd 4	Rd 5	Rd 6	Rd 7	Rd 8	Rd 9	Tot	Prize	Amount
1	GM Jinshi Bai	2568		CHN	W54	W48	W28	W31	D10	W34	D4	D2	W7	7.5	1st	$10200.00
2	IM Dionisio Aldama	2412		MEX	D59	W80	W71	W25	L16	W46	W39	D1	W12	7.0	2nd-3rd	$3750.00
3	IM Zhaozhi Li	2399		USA	L31	W98	D59	W80	W30	W40	D16	W8	W10	7.0	2nd-3rd	$3750.00
4	IM Advait Patel	2455		USA	D80	D59	W57	W18	D46	W28	D1	W31	D5	6.5	4th-5th	$1100.00
5	Mika Andrew Brattain	2411		USA	D81	W58	D51	D96	W49	W52	W34	D10	D4	6.5	4th-5th	$1100.00
6	Jack Qijie Zhu	2364		USA	W60	D21	W44	D40	W55	D12	W13	L7	W23	6.5	1st U2400	$2400.00
7	GM Ruifeng Li	2559	GULI	USA	W78	W30	D69	L16	D31	W61	W47	W6	L1	6.0	6th-10th/Other	$260.00
8	GM Julio J Becerra	2520		USA	W115	D18	L31	W53	D37	W96	W33	L3	W40	6.0	6th-10th/Other	$260.00
9	GM Adrien Demuth	2517		FRA	H—	H—	H—	H—	W44	W37	W25	D14	D16	6.0	6th-10th/Other	$260.00
10	GM Steven C Zierk	2510		USA	D79	W75	W70	W29	D1	W16	D12	D5	L3	6.0	6th-10th/Other	$260.00
11	GM Andrey Gorovets	2509	YUGO	BLR	W42	D40	D18	W50	D39	D25	W35	D16	D19	6.0	6th-10th/Other	$260.00
12	GM Zbigniew Pakleza	2506		POL	W56	W41	D47	W37	D14	D6	D10	W36	L2	6.0	6th-10th/Other	$260.00
13	IM Praveen Balakrishnan	2418		USA	D58	W43	W19	W47	L34	W29	L6	W39	D14	6.0	6th-10th/Other	$260.00
14	FM Andrew Zhang Hong	2390		USA	W97	D51	W53	W69	D12	D39	D31	D9	D13	6.0	6th-10th/2nd U2400	$260.00
15	FM Ben Li	2368		USA	W61	W20	D102	L39	D19	L50	W79	W70	W36	6.0	6th-10th/2nd U2400	$260.00
16	FM Edward Song	2355		USA	W62	D53	W74	W7	W2	L10	D3	D11	D9	6.0	6th-10th/2nd U2400	$260.00
17	FM Christopher Yu-shuo Shen	2311		USA	L65	W86	W72	L55	W63	D20	D41	W50	W42	6.0	6th-10th/2nd U2400	$260.00
18	Spencer George Lehmann	2254		USA	W91	D8	D11	L4	D72	W100	W43	D22	W33	6.0	6th-10th/2nd U2400	$260.00
19	Andy Lin	2241		USA	W106	D23	L13	W90	D15	W26	D22	W29	D11	6.0	6th-10th/2nd U2400	$260.00
20	Chao Zhang	2225		USA	W107	L15	W87	D33	D24	D17	D27	W46	W32	6.0	6th-10th/2nd U2400	$260.00
21	IM Arthur Calugar	2208		CAN	X116	D6	L23	W67	L35	D65	W95	W47	W34	6.0	6th-10th/2nd U2400	$260.00
22	GM Artur Jakubiec	2497		POL	W57	D71	L40	W42	W102	D35	D19	D18	D27	5.5		
23	IM Michael A Mulyar	2398		USA	W82	D19	W21	D46	D40	L31	W50	W53	L6	5.5		
24	IM Mark Ginsburg	2336		USA	H—	D72	W82	D51	D20	D55	W71	D42	D31	5.5		
25	Tianqi Wang	2329	WYZWAN	USA	W73	W96	D39	L2	W51	D11	L9	D41	W52	5.5		
26	FM Danial Asaria	2328		USA	W98	L31	D97	W59	D96	L19	D57	W55	W65	5.5		
27	IM Fernandez Blanco	2302		MEX	D83	L67	W75	W79	L52	W78	D20	W54	D22	5.5		
28	FM Alexander J Chua	2291		USA	W85	W64	L1	D65	W78	L4	L52	W56	W53	5.5		
29	IM Pablo Esteban Della Morte	2286		ARG	W99	D44	W90	L10	W65	L13	W55	L19	W57	5.5		
30	WIM Emily Quynh Nguyen	2262	NGULEO	USA	W101	L7	W63	D61	L3	L43	W83	W82	W59	5.5		
31	FM Eugene Yanayt	2122		USA	W3	W26	W8	L1	D7	W23	D14	L4	D24	5.5		
32	GM Karthik Venkataraman	2527		IND	W55	L39	W56	D49	D47	W38	L36	W52	L20	5.0		
33	GM Richard Balansag Bitoon	2455		PHI	D43	W79	D50	D20	W70	D36	L8	W38	L18	5.0		
34	IM Teddy Coleman	2361		USA	D72	W81	W52	W102	W13	L1	L5	D40	L21	5.0		
35	IM Roberto Martin Del Campo	2313		MEX	L64	W85	W60	D54	W21	D22	L11	D44	D41	5.0		
36	FM Annie Wang	2303	ANNLEO	USA	L44	W99	W62	D78	W54	D33	W32	L12	L15	5.0		
37	FM Nikhil Kumar	2281		USA	W88	D74	W68	L12	D8	L9	W63	D59	D43	5.0		
38	Alex Kolay	2270		USA	D66	L90	W58	D97	W64	L32	W81	L33	W72	5.0		
39	FM Balaji Daggupati	2256		USA	W111	W32	D25	W15	D11	D14	L2	L13	D44	5.0		
40	FM Anthony Bi He	2251		USA	W92	D11	W22	D6	D23	L3	W61	D34	L8	5.0		
41	Derek E Oconnor	2248		USA	W105	L12	L65	W99	D74	W62	D17	D25	D35	5.0		
42	WIM Thalia Cervantes	2167	CERRAN	USA	L11	W91	D106	L22	W84	W102	W77	D24	L17	5.0		
43	Kevin Yang	2135		USA	D33	L13	W101	D71	D76	W30	L18	W78	D37	5.0		
44	Tetsuo Higashino	2044		JPN	W36	D29	L6	W48	L9	W51	D70	D35	D39	5.0		
45	IM Pablo Toloza	2301		CHI	L74	L88	W111	W85	L57	D66	D62	W100	D58	4.5		
46	Anish Vivekananthan	2294		USA	W84	D52	W67	D23	D4	L2	D54	L20	D61	4.5		
47	FM Shunkai Peng	2285		CHN	W87	W65	D12	L13	D32	W57	L7	L21	D60	4.5		
48	Joshua Lynch	2267		USA	W89	L1	D73	L44	W98	D59	D64	L65	W82	4.5		
49	FM Ian Findlay	2251		CAN	D68	D66	W64	D32	L5	D81	D65	L57	W87	4.5		
50	CM Jason Wang	2241	PENWAN	USA	D93	W83	D33	L11	W88	W15	L23	L17	D62	4.5		
51	IM Rivera, Pedro Rodriguez	2223		CUB	W114	D14	D5	D24	L25	L44	W98	D64	D67	4.5		
52	Scott Leo Ramer	2200		USA	W108	D46	L34	W68	W27	L5	W28	L32	L25	4.5		
53	Gunnar James Andersen	2194		USA	W95	D16	L14	L8	W83	W67	W76	L23	L28	4.5		
54	Gabriel Sam	2185	CHUSAM	USA	L1	W89	W66	D35	L36	W74	D46	L27	H—	4.5		
55	Romain Kollar	2180		FRA	L32	W111	W104	W17	L6	D24	L29	L26	W84	4.5		
56	Matt Zavortink	2160		USA	L12	W105	L32	D87	W90	L77	W66	L28	W88	4.5		
57	Dezheng Kong	2142		CAN	L22	W92	L4	W86	W45	L47	D26	W49	L29	4.5		
58	CM Abhimanyu Mishra	2128		USA	D13	L5	L38	W103	W105	L70	D67	W86	D45	4.5		
59	FM Guannan Song	2124		CAN	D2	D4	D3	L26	W106	D48	W69	D37	L30	4.5		
60	Hanxiang Li	2104		CHN	L6	W114	L35	L100	D101	W103	D68	W95	D47	4.5		
61	WCM Rochelle Wu	2096	WUFAU	USA	L15	W112	W76	D30	W69	L7	L40	D71	D46	4.5		
62	Arman Baradaran	2074		USA	L16	W95	L36	D105	W75	L41	D45	W91	D50	4.5		
63	Samrug Narayanan	2059		USA	W76	L69	L30	W104	L17	W88	L37	D80	W78	4.5		
64	Brandon Yang Xia	2051		USA	W35	L28	L49	W95	L38	W86	D48	D51	D69	4.5		
65	CM Eric Yuhan Li	2045		USA	W17	L47	W41	D28	L29	D21	D49	W48	L26	4.5		
66	Teddie Wen	1911		USA	D38	D49	L54	L72	W114	D45	L56	W83	W79	4.5		
67	Sandeep Sethuraman	1901		USA	D70	W27	L46	L21	W80	L53	D58	W81	D51	4.5		
68	Bach Ngo	1821		USA	D49	W109	L37	L52	D82	H—	D60	D73	W80	4.5		
69	FM Stev Breckenridge	2289		USA	W86	W63	D7	L14	L61	D79	L59	D84	D64	4.0		
70	WGM Altanulzii Enkhtuul	2267		MGL	D67	W93	L10	W73	L33	W58	D44	L15	U—	4.0		
71	Andrew Ryba	2232	MERRYB	USA	W94	D22	L2	D43	D100	W72	L24	D61	U—	4.0		
72	FM Doug Eckert	2090		USA	D34	D24	L17	W66	D18	L71	W102	H—	L38	4.0		
73	Stephen M Sandager	2064		USA	L25	W108	D48	L70	L77	L90	W94	D68	W101	4.0		
74	Gordon McNeill	2012		USA	W45	D37	L16	D109	D41	L54	L78	W103	H—	4.0		
75	Griffin Thomas McConnell	1661		USA	B—	L10	L27	D98	L62	L87	W111	W99	H—	4.0		
76	Deepak Aaron	2315		USA	L63	W84	L61	W106	D43	W97	L53	U—	U—	3.5		
77	WIM Yuan Ling Yuan	2265	YUAWAN	CAN	L100	L87	W91	D84	W73	W56	L42	U—	U—	3.5		
78	FM Alansafar Ramoutar	2180		TTO	L7	W103	W100	D36	L28	L27	W74	L43	L63	3.5		
79	Ian Zhao	2178		CAN	D10	L33	W83	L27	W87	D69	L15	D88	L66	3.5		
80	Isaac Martinez	2134		USA	D4	L2	W93	L3	L67	W92	D84	D63	L68	3.5		
81	Kevin Pan	2123		USA	D5	L34	L109	W108	W110	D49	L38	L67	H—	3.5		
82	Davaaochir Nyamdorj	2111	ENKDAV	CAN	L23	W107	L24	L88	D68	W89	W87	L30	L48	3.5		
83	Adrian Kondakov	2016		USA	D27	L50	L79	W93	L53	W105	L30	L66	B—	3.5		
84	Tyler Taira Tanaka	2011		CAN	L46	L76	W107	D77	L42	W106	D80	D69	L55	3.5		
85	Vyom Vidyarthi	2008		USA	L28	L35	W94	L45	L92	W104	D100	D90	D95	3.5		
86	FM Gerardo Alfonso Ramirez	1977	GOUMAD	CRC	L69	L17	W112	L57	W104	L64	W108	L58	D90	3.5		
87	Takuma Osaka	1958		JPN	L47	W77	L20	D56	L79	W75	L82	W98	L49	3.5		
88	Saif Shawkat	1930		USA	L37	W45	L96	W82	L50	L63	W92	D79	L56	3.5		
89	Paulo Santanna	1900		USA	L48	L54	L95	H—	W112	L82	W93	H—	H—	3.5		
90	David Encinas	1885		MEX	D109	W38	L29	L19	L56	W73	U—	D85	D86	3.5		
91	Neil Deshpande	1829		USA	L18	L42	L77	D101	D108	W114	W110	L62	D98	3.5		
92	Sullivan Mac McConnell	1797		USA	L40	L57	L98	W107	W85	L80	L88	W112	H—	3.5		
93	Jayden Lee	1759		USA	D50	L70	L80	L83	L103	B—	L89	W114	W108	3.5		
94	Eric Phares	1710		USA	L71	L97	L85	D112	D107	W99	L73	W105	H—	3.5		
95	Tommy Wen	unr.		USA	L53	L62	W89	L64	W99	W110	L21	L60	D85	3.5		
96	FM Robby Adamson	2218		USA	W112	L25	W88	D5	D26	L8	U—	U—	U—	3.0		
97	Brandon G Burrows	2110		USA	L14	W94	D26	D38	W109	L76	U—	U—	U—	3.0		
98	FM Aristo S Liu	2062		USA	L26	L3	W92	D75	L48	W101	L51	L87	D91	3.0		
99	Brad Lundstrom	1967		USA	L29	L36	W114	L41	L95	L94	B—	L75	W112	3.0		
100	WFM Joanna Liu	1891	LIUTHO	USA	W77	L102	L78	W60	D71	L18	D85	L45	U—	3.0		
101	Naman Kumar	1868		USA	L30	D115	L43	D91	D60	L98	D106	W107	L73	3.0		
102	IM Arthur Guo	2271		USA	W103	W100	D15	L34	L22	L42	L72	U—	U—	2.5		
103	WIM Thais Castillo Morales	1926	CASTRU	CRC	L102	L78	D108	L58	W93	L60	W105	L74	U—	2.5		
104	Roy Martin Nilsson	1800		USA	H—	H—	L55	L63	L86	L85	L112	B—	H—	2.5		
105	Frisco Del Rosario	1780		USA	L41	L56	B—	D62	L58	L83	L103	L94	W114	2.5		
106	Michael Gene Anderson	1726		USA	L19	B—	D42	L76	L59	L84	D101	D108	U—	2.5		
107	Brent Bennett	unr.		USA	L20	L82	L84	L92	D94	D112	W114	L101	H—	2.5		
108	Nikhil Parvathaneni	unr.	ATLPAR	USA	L52	L73	D103	L81	D91	W111	L86	D106	L93	2.5		
109	FM Ali Morshedi	2262		USA	D90	L68	W81	D74	L97	U—	U—	U—	U—	2.0		
110	Jon Charles Baker	1995			H—	H—	H—	H—	L81	L95	L91	U—	U—	2.0		
111	Ulf K Jensen	1863		USA	L39	L55	L45	L114	B—	L108	L75	H—	H—	2.0		
112	Richard Parker Hobbs	unr.		USA	L96	L61	L86	D94	L89	D107	W104	L92	L99	2.0		
113	Drake Wang	2262			H—	H—	U—	U—	U—	U—	U—	U—	U—	1.0		
114	Jay W Blodgett	unr.		USA	L51	L60	L99	W111	L66	L91	L107	L93	L105	1.0		
115	Martin Nilsson	2178		SWE	L8	D101	U—	U—	U—	U—	U—	U—	U—	0.5		
116	Dan Nguyen	unr.		USA	F21	U—	U—	U—	U—	U—	U—	U—	U—	0.0


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