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10 Days 639 : 20.01.2021

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Palmerston North NZL, 128th Open

128th ch-NZL Open 2021 Palmerston North NZL Sat 2nd Jan 2021 - Sun 10th Jan 2021
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
12Croad, NicholasFMNZL24557.504549
21Hague, BenFMNZL24976.504548.5
312Xie, FelixNZL2110604547
43Ker, Anthony FIMNZL2440604448
55McLaren, Leonard JFMNZL2293604346.5
66Smith, Robert WFMNZL22905.504549
74Dive, Russell JIMNZL24075.5044.548
88Winter, RyanNZL21655041.544.5
97Cilia Vincenti, DavidCMMLT22765040.543.5
1017Tang, HaoNZL19505038.542
1115Sole, Michael DNZL19864.504143
1211Piwari, Dylan TamaNZL21184.504043
1310Lee, Edward SNZL21224.5038.540.5
149Milligan, HelenCMNZL21224.503638
1618Ning, Isabelle YixuanNZL1890413841
1714Metge, J NigelNZL2028403740
1813McDonald, John ANZL20863.50.53436
1916Mistry, PrashantNZL19713.50.529.531.5
2020Braganza, NadiaWCMNZL1811303032
2121Zhang, Kendrick BotongNZL1778303032
2219Weng, Xintong (Winston)NZL1862302931
2322Cooper, NigelNZL17382.502729
2424Cunningham, Patrick DNZL1630203133
24 players


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