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10 Days 575 : 10.04.2019

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SWE, Elitserien 2018/19 rounds 7-9

TCh-SWE Elitserien Sweden SWE Fri 9th Nov 2018 - Sun 31st Mar 2019
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Lunds ASK44½5673½853494½64½106½24½1543
2Wasa SK5636½8576½43½104½97½6413½1347
3Limhamns SK7421½105½95½148445½5564½1339.5
4Stockholms SS13½7664½106½24½53½32½95841140
5Vasteras SK221295½647544½85½331071138.5
6SK Rockaden, Sthlm9684½43½54105½75½13½2433½1040
7Farsta SK344214½21½5362½10783½96734
8Eksjo SK10663½2313933452½74½44633.5
9Schack 08, Norrkoping6210452½32½8513½4372325
10SK Rockaden Umea829432½41½62½23½7111½51119.5
10 teams


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