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FIDE Grand Prix
21 October - 3 November 2014
Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Closed, GM, Rounds: 11, Cat: 20, Players: 12, GM: 12
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9th American Continental
18 - 26 October 2014
Praia da Pipa, Brazil

Panamerican Chess Championship, Rounds: 11
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Chigorin Memorial
18 - 26 October 2014
St Petersburg, Russia

Open, Rounds: 9
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Le Trophée Anatoly Karpov
23 - 25 October 2014
Cap d'Agde, France

Closed, GM, Rounds: 8, Players: 4, GM: 4
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Carlsen to Play Tata Steel, But First There's the Petrosian Memorial

24.10, By

After one year of absence, Magnus Carlsen will be back in Wijk aan Zee for the 77th Tata Steel chess tournament. Another super tournament will start 3 November: the Petrosian Memorial. Tashir Chess In chronological order this article should st...

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