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10 Days 544 : 01.06.2018

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Frome ENG, Open 2018

Frome Congress 2018 Frome ENG Fri 18th May 2018 - Sun 20th May 2018
Leading Final Round 5 Standings:
17Stoyanov, ViktorENG21294.015.017.0
22Jones, Steven AENG22254.013.515.5
317de Coverly, Roger DENG19434.011.514.0
413Waddington, Mike PFMENG20733.513.015.0
58Headlong, TimothyENG21283.512.514.0
615Anderson, Peter WENG19773.512.013.0
74Abicht, Till KonstantinGER21833.012.514.0
827Turner, Joseph DWLS18553.012.014.5
911Duggan, Michael FGENG20803.011.012.5
1012Krzyzanowski, PatrykPOL20793.011.012.5
1133Jukes, SamWLS17973.011.012.5
123Villiers, ThomasCMENG21953.09.511.0
1325Adaway, WilliamENG18642.512.013.5
1424Whitehead, Mark AENG18972.511.514.0
1532Kramaley, DavidENG18192.511.514.0
1630Howell, Oliver WENG18312.511.513.5
1734Hollands, George EENG17662.511.513.5
181Small, SimonENG22452.511.012.0
1919Littleton, MarkENG19372.511.012.0
206Weatherlake, John PWLS21322.510.012.0
2114Menadue, Jeremy FSENG20552.510.011.5
229Martin, LewisENG21092.59.010.5
2323Fallowfield, NicholasENG19082.011.013.5
2418Waterfield, John WWLS19422.011.012.5
2522Hurst, EddieENG19312.010.512.5
2629Forster, James Connor CRSA18432.010.511.5
2728Howells, ChrisWLS18502.08.59.5
2820Ward, Julian DENG19372.08.09.0
2921Bourne, Johnathan DENG19341.511.013.0
3031Clancy, Martin JENG18201.510.511.5
3110Richmond, JaneWFMWLS20961.59.511.5
3216Gregory, Andrew MENG19731.59.510.5
335Harman, Kenneth BENG21401.010.512.5
3435Hamilton, Selwyn LLENG16781.010.512.0
3526Hutchings, Roger MENG18560.511.012.5
3636Lewis, DavidWLS16440.57.58.5
36 players


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