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10 Days 520 : 01.10.2017

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Fuengirola ESP, Europe Students Ch 2017

Euro Uni Rapid Open 2017 Fuengirola ESP Thu 21st Sep 2017 - Sun 24th Sep 2017
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11Ural State Mining URUS16.0159893.5
35Open UniversityISR13.012.59188.5
43Poznan University of Economics 1POL12.011.59895
56AGH University of Science and T 2POL12.011.59086
67Pompeu FabraESP10.0117976.5
710Strasbourg 1FRA10.0108280.5
812Oxford 1GBR10.09.59293
94Eotvos LorandHUN10.09.59189
108Warwick 2GBR10.099797.5
119Poznan University of Economics 2POL10.089192.5
1315Technion - Israel Institute of 1ISR9.0107168
1511AGH University of Science and T 1POL8.09.57474.5
1622Technion - Israel Institute of 2ISR8.096969.5
1713Oxford 2GBR8.08.57678
1918Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier 1FRA8.07.56267
2019Strasbourg 2FRA7.085959
2217Warwick 1GBR5.04.56872
23 players


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