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10 Days 534 : 20.02.2018

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Wachtebeke BEL, WWRR 2018

WWRR 2018 Wachtebeke BEL Sat 10th Feb 2018 - Thu 15th Feb 2018
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11Admiraal, MiguoelIM244657.0-28.002496
22Beerdsen, ThomasIM244546.5-25.752451
38Blom, VincentFM224246.0-22.502425
44Hautot, StephaneIM236845.5-20.252374
53Van Der Lende, IliasFM238444.51.015.252292
66Beukema, JasperFM227324.50.017.752304
77De Waele, WarreFM226224.0-14.002263
89Wiley, TomFM219013.5-13.752227
95Vuelban, VirgilioIM227713.0-10.502179
1010Den Hartog, Marijn212500.5-1.751851
10 players


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